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About KC Solar Park


The Government has announced to set up 100,000 MW of solar capacity by 2022. MNRE plans setting up 25 solar parks, each with a capacity of 500 to 1000 MW; in plug-and-play mode, thereby targeting around 20000 MW of solar power installed capacity in a span of 5 years. The ministry has proposed a gross budgetary support of Rs 40.5 billion for these projects with the Solar Energy Corporation of India being the nodal agency. Solar Parks aims to accelerate the development of solar power generation projects by offering readymade locations to project developers, eliminating the need for statutory clearances, and facilitating the creation of infrastructure including transmission and evacuation lines, access roads and water. The creation of these solar parks offer a huge business opportunity for all.

Salient Features of KC Solar Park
    Lowest cost offer for O & M cost.
    Combo Plan is available for O & M and Land Lease.
    IPP - We are independent power producer and the same we offer to sale utilities and end users.

    For qualifying customers, we can assist to enter in long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with utilities as well as with open access consumers.

Operation & Maintenance

KCPIPL provides ongoing operations and maintenance services 25 years long term contract for utility-scale and commercial photovoltaic systems. A diverse team of experts, with access to powerful technology and proprietary monitoring solutions, tracks all performance indicators and parameters to ensure optimized performance.

Monitor all important real-time data 24/7/365

Perform preventive maintenance and repair.

Manage incidents and alerts.

Audit energy production.

Assess, report and achieve maximum ROI.

To ensure continuously optimum performance, we use proprietary software to control and manage our operations.


PARK - 1 – Osmanabad, Maharashtra

KC Power develops own 130MW (extendable up to 250 MW ) solar park at Umerga Taluka, Dist – Osmanabad in it the areas included like Madaj, Chirewadi and Vaghdari etc.
The plant location situated nearest National Highway is NH9 i.e. Pune-Hyderabad.
It is located 85 km by road east of the city of Solapur, 95 km by road from the district capital of Osmanabad, and 20 km west of the Karnataka-Maharashtra State boundary.
GHI has a direct impact on electricity generation and the Annual Average Daily solar radiation is 5.29kWh/m²/d.

Ready to start with concern approvals & facilities park capacity 150 MW Solar Parks each with capacity of 50 MW and above. Evucation available on 132 kV level & 33 kV level.
Eligibility – For 132 kV 10 MW and above for 33 kV 1 to 10 MW.
Land lease for 28 years available.
Capacity of Solar Park – Minimum Capacity – 1 MW Maximum capacity.
Simulation study and counter map available.

Park - 2 - Amravati Park

Park Capacity – 300 MW
Evucation available on 220 kV.
Land Acquisition is in under process & ready to avail benefits within 3 months along with necessary approval & facilities.
Land for outright sale is available.

Park - 3 - Yavatmal Park

Park Capacity – 100 MW
Evucation available on 132 kV.
Land Acquisition is in under process & ready to avail benefits within 3 months along with necessary approval & facilities.
Land for outright sale is available.